Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Where to find...the most incredible wallpaper & murals

If you happen to be seeking the most incredible wallpaper or perhaps murals for your walls then I am delighted to share with some great news.

The focus of the wallpapers on today's blog are taken from a collection that is characterised by simplicity and minimalism with clean lines and modern shapes. Ingrid + Mika are the latest studio to have been added to the most awesome of manufacturer's and suppliers of wallpaper and murals Milton & King's online.

Marble Block  - my favourite

Ingrid + Mika's Scandinavian inspired wallpaper designs are a natural fit for any organic modern style, so if you love this design aesthetic you will simply adore their range of wallpapers. I am lusting after them all!


Contact Grid

Plus Sign


Black & White Stripe

However, if you're NOT looking for Scandi-inspired wallpaper, fear-ye-not, M&K's online shop is THE place to shop for incredible and unique wall coverings like no other, believe me.

But be warned, once you enter, hours will fly by... but hey, it'll be worth it.

Navy, Blue Boy

Casa One, Wallpaper Rebuplic

Shedding Indian Autumn, Print Paper Cloth
The choices are endless... happy browsing...

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

How to create a designer kitchen on a budget

Last week I had a call from the lovely guys at FUBAR radio asking if I'd like to have an interview with comedian / presenter Mark Dolan and the original WAG and presenter Lizzie Cundy about an interiors related article that appeared in the Daily Mail.

The article was about Samantha Cameron's no.10 Downing Street kitchen and "how to get the same look for a fraction of the price". Mark and Lizzie wanted to chat with with me on air about how to go about doing that amongst other things like what creates that 'wow' factor in a kitchen and how I feel about having TV in the kitchen, which turned out to be a rather contentious issue ha ha!

Anyway, it was 10 minutes of lighthearted kitchen design discussion and was my first ever interior design related live broadcast. It was on the spot, no prepared questions and well, whether or not, I gave any sound advice I LOVED doing it - it was such fun! *smile*

If you fancy a listen, here's the link to the clip on SoundCloud.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Say hello to yellow, because this year it's BIG baby!

Surely you've noticed it too right? 

  Yellow is EVERYWHERE.  

Happy?    Me?    YES, because, just in case you didn't know, yellow is my favourite colour!

But I'm also a teensy little bit sad because it means that it's not just mine. Sounds so silly writing that but I liked it not being popular because it was always a challenge to find fab and funky yellow accessories for the home. However now, wherever you go you'll be able to pick up amazing sunshiney brights to bring that oh so gorgeous colour into your abode.

So much for me and my latest obsession with 'stuffocation' - the one thing I won't be minimalising on is more yellow accents for my home *smile*.

Here are some of my favourites;

Geo blanket 130x 170 in pamp & seal by Edited

Geo cushion 40 x 40 in pamp & seal by Edited

Newgate pantry wall clock 22.5cm dia at John Lewis

Jonah kingsize bed in dandelion yellow at Made

Yellow gradient colour glass collection by Hay at Edited

Hay Kaleido modular trays at Nest

Smile framed print by Seventy Tree

Loop mirror small ash with yellow strap at Heals

Yellow porcelain plate with budgie motif at H&M

What's not to love about a splash of yellow at home, especially on a rainy grey day like today hey?!

Friday, 3 October 2014

My £50 restyle shopping challenge

This week the lovely PR folks at the UK's largest homewares and soft furnishings store Dunelm got in touch to ask me to get involved in their #mydunelmbag campaign, which is currently running on TV and social media.

Dunelm has tasked five UK interiors bloggers to create a new look for under £50 using their products. "Would I like to get involved?" they asked.  "What, go shopping and get styling?" I replied.

Sure thing!

So here you go peeps, this is my trolley full of goodiesscroll down to see the little nook I styled at home to create a cosy little reading corner in my living room.

#mydunelmbag well not exactly a bag, more of a trolley really

proof that Dunelm is where I've been shopping!

my little corner before (with my cute painted little ottoman & Grandad's wingback)

ta da, the selection of goodies from #mydunelmbag (see list below for details)

My Dunelm Bag:

  • Tall white vase £9.99
  • Trees cushion £19.99
  • Geo skandi plate £2.49
  • Cosy skandi mug £2.49
  • Delphinium spray flowers x 3 £4.47
  • Vanilla grass x 2 £1.18
  • Decorative wooden bird £4.99
  • Zig zag cushion £9.99

Total £55.59 - slight overspend but hey.

(Previously bought from Dunelm - sculpted wire lamp £20.99). All the other stuff is my own.

If you fancy winning up to £250 worth of Dunelm gift vouchers for yourself, snap a shot of a recent shop at Dunelm and share it using hashtag #mydunelmbag on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

I know someone who very cleverly completely decorated their hotel bedrooms using only Dunelm products and at only £250 per room for mirrors, curtains, bedding, lighting and ornaments that is a pretty fab bargain don't you think (and you'd never guess it was all from Dunelm *wink*)

Happy shopping!

Friday, 26 September 2014

Friday Find: bright, bold & contemporary scandi / eastern fusion homewares

I've been meaning to share the love for Sian Elin for aaaages! If you haven't come across her and you have a penchant for colourful, contemporary scandi-esque interiors with distinct "look at me" appeal, then you're in for a real treat.
"Featured as one of the Sunday Times Top 30 Fabric & Wallpaper designers, Sian Elin is a Wales-based e-tailer selling home-wares and gifts. With one foot firmly rooted in the West, Sian Elin looks to the East for inspiration. Our fresh designs, and globally inspired colour palette create an exciting mix of contemporary products, where Scandinavian style combines with Eastern flair."
 Just check out these and you'll understand why Sian's products are so highly rated…

Go on, go treat yourself to something from this gorgeous mix of contemporary products, where Scandinavian style combines with Eastern flair. It's Friday afternoon after all *wink*

Happy weekend y'all x

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Adding a splash of colour: coral / raspberry / orange

The summer holidays may be coming to a close but bright and cheery summery colours are at no risk of disappearing this a/w season. Just check out the delights below to see how you can easily keep a happy vibe in your home by adding a splash of coral this autumn.

Allegra Hicks for Made
Allegra Hicks has serious style and with her non-fussy approach to design her Lulu range for Made is adorable.

Marissa  - bang on with the last

My love affair with all things Habitat endures and their new collections are just so funky. I love the textured, multi-coloured Marissa cushion for it's retro slash modern floral design…

The woven geometric pattern of the orange Meera cushion gives it a kind of 'stroke me, squeeze me' 3D quality to it….

…and Mod, hello Mod, this metal modular candle is so cool, you can take it apart to re-model the design and height of it, plus the colours are gorgeous - rose, plaster pink and mushroom grey.

Whilst on the subject of coral / raspberry I have to mention and share with you (just in case you haven't seen it yet) Scion's Pivot fabric from the Rhythm Weaves collection. Some of you may know that I have been on the search for the "perfect" coral fabrics for some time now and so when I found these my heart sang, I jumped for joy and I shed a little tear (sad I know, but it's all about the passion right?!)

Scion Pivot fabric (cushion) in Blush / Jasmine

Oh and also Clarke & Clarke's Zirah in Flamingo - what a fabulous colour name!
Flamingo - how can you not feel happy when you say that word out loud?!

Go on then, one last one, Villa Nova's Lea Rouge from the Celeste collection
Contemporary floral weave with a lustrous sheen - yums!

I know, that's enough now, but honestly if you knew how happy I was when I found these three fabrics and how long and hard I had searched you'd feel my joy too! *beaming happy designer*

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bright n funky bedroom makeover (for under £50!)

Hello my lovelies, the sun is SHINING & I feel on top of the world today, full of energy and creativity so I thought I'd share with you a little makeover I started yesterday and finished this morning.

Ok, some of you will know and agree with my enduring love of neon, coral and grey…well for this makeover I have combined them and wham bam with spending very little at all have completely transformed my bedroom.

I am entirely forgetful and rubbish at taking 'before' photos but I've got a whole host of afters so here goes…

I had two old cream bedsides that needed funking up... I bought Annie Sloan Barcelona Orange & mixed in a little Emperors Silk...

…and made a luscious deep coral & got paintbrush happy

The wall behind the bed was white & bland...

…so I bought a roll of IKEA BrĂ¥kig wallpaper & some awesome neon memo clips & push pins...

…and hammered some round wire nails onto the wall..

…& hung up the wallpaper with the memo clips. Et voila!


The bonus is when I get bored I can really easily change the wallpaper with minimal time / effort / damage

My trademark colour co-ordinated books!  
Just enough pops of colour

Oh and I pinned a piece of 'art' wallpaper up with some neon orange push pins hee hee

I absolutely love it and for less than £50 the room looks and feels fresh and funky. The geometric patterns on the wallpaper and cushions work well with the curves of my retro bed and I am looking forward to snuggling in bed to appreciate it tonight *smile*

Have you been doing anything creative lately?

Now I am going to go and enjoy some sunshine, shh don't tell anyone ;)

Until the next time x